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One is the loneliest…. so here’s TWO!
March 10, 2009, 5:41 am
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So I’ve been researching about different vegan cultures on the web, and I ran by two amazing blogs so far that have inspired me.

The first blog is Vegan Lunch Box, which is about a stay at home mom that makes vegan lunch’s for her son.  For a beginner vegan I was worried that all I’d be eating was sun chips and cashews for the rest of my day but no more worrying for me! Vegan Lunch Box make vegan food exciting with its cute pictures, amazing recipes, and it just plain makes me hungry to look at! 

The second blog is VeganYumYum, which has recipes, breath taking photos, and a fun How-to section. The blogger is a 25 year old women named Lolo who quit her day job to write cookbooks! Just goes to show ya dreams do come true! What originally made me like the blog was the photos, now its much more than that. Its the homey feel of every recipe and the idea that someone out there is doing what they love!